Dean Dale Special Utility District

About Dean Dale Special Utility District

Dean Dale Water continues to grow over the course of 44 years. Originated in 1965, the Water Department was a member run organization that had less than 100 meters when it began operating. There were 3 plants that ran the system.

The expansion of the system over the past years has now evolved the business from a member owned corporation to a special utility district. With over 1200 accounts on the water system now, we operate with 3 plants, 1 overhead water tower, 2 well fields (approximately 14 wells) and city water purchase from Wichita Falls.

The District now has over 150 miles of pipeline in a broad coverage area. Also, we have grow large enough that we wholesale water to the City of Byers and the City of Thornberry. Dean Dale Special Utility District strives to provide not only water, but services that meet the needs of our customers.